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Few Things you should know about Asos Customer Service Number

Asos ( is one of the first specialized British online beauty and fashion stores. ASOS was founded in June 2000. Today, this company has more than 4000 employees. Although this website is mostly used by young adults almost any person regardless of their age can find some interesting products.

They currently have more than 850 brands in their offer and over 50.000 branded products. Footwear, accessories, womenswear, mensware, jewelry and beauty products are some of the things that people can find on Asos. They are shipping their products to more than 160 countries in the world. According to the company’s stats, they had more than 7 million active customers in 2013. For more information about asos customer service number, please visit

ASOS customer service

The Asos customer service number can be used for many things. First and foremost, it is very often used in case a buyer wants to return an item to ASOS. The reason for this return can be different – damaged products, order made by mistake, malfunctioning product etc. In case the delivery time is taking longer than usual, calling ASOS customer service is the best solution. The same goes for those who want full details about the status of their order. It is also good to know that you can cancel the order by using this service (applies only for customers that have called the customer service in less than 60 minutes after the order was made).